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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Having a Blast

So I took Anne R. Allen at her word and started taking steps toward e-publishing my short stories. Except that turned out to be a bit more complicated than just uploading one of my files to Amazon.

Okay, Amazon provides a nifty publication called Publish on Amazon Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing. So I downloaded it.

Turns out it recommends that I convert my Word documents to HTML.

Well, I’m figuring out how to do that. There are even some publications about that on Amazon (yeah, a little bit of money, but hey.)

Then there is cover art. I must be a visual artist manqué because I can’t believe how much fun I’m having conceptualizing what to do. Though I still am not sure how to upload it to Kindle.

Soon come. Someone or something will surely tell me how to do that.

And I remain enthralled with visions of my stories being Kindled.

Yeah, but there are more than a few personal details to resolve.

Those will be hammered out too.

But, by now, I have figured out that doing this is not as easy as adding an attachment to an email.

Never mind. I just postpone the startup date to give me a chance to move up the learning curve. I have even outlined all the steps to address before the target date.

And I’m still excited! Thank you, Anne.

I think.


UPDATE: For a story-length document, using HTML is apparently not absolutely necessary. Uploading a .doc file may suffice.



Anne R. Allen said...

That's so brave of you! I was only thinking of submitting a story to the Kindle Singles program. Coding and cover design are totally beyond me. But hey, Lawrence Block did it for his short stories--even designed his own covers--which impressed the heck out of me. I hope this works for you. And you're learning a lot you can help the rest of us with.

Karen said...

What a great project ! It's exciting!

Judith Mercado said...

Anne, thanks for motivating me. I am learning a great deal as I go along. It will probably be a few months before I'm ready to launch, but I'll keep you posted.

Karen, really exciting.