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Saturday, September 18, 2010

About Stuff

So Husband comes across a neighbor who inquires about our well-being and then asks, “How’s Judy’s writing coming along?”

Husband says, ‘It’s coming along fine.”

"Is there anywhere online where one can read her work?"

“She’s got a blog,” Husband says.

“Really, what’s it about?”

“Oh, she writes about . . . stuff.”

“Stuff, hunh?”

In defense of Husband, Neighbor is known to hold a point of view about most things contrary to ours. So any meaningful discussion about what my blog consists of might have landed Husband in contentious territory.

When Husband shared the anecdote over dinner, we laughed but I, mindful that I had a post deadline looming, instantly followed with blog existential despair. I still had not nailed what my next post would be about. I had two potential ones sort of written, but each did not seem right for one reason or another. I only post once a week so you might think that blog posting angst would be minimal. Not so. More than once, I end up questioning why I started a blog in the first place and especially why I keep doing it

Husband's response to our neighbor may just have made my life easier. If I just write about Stuff, how hard can that be? At the top of this blog is a section called "About This Blog" in which I say that Pilgrim Soul offers reflections about my fiction, culture, religion, Puerto Rican identity, and writing craft. But it appears that what I really write about is . . . Stuff.

Thanks for reading my Stuff.


Judy Croome said...

Despite what Neighbour may or may not think, your Stuff is MARVELLOUS, Judy! And we hope you'll continue to enrich our lives with your unique and interesting views on...well, Stuff! :)

Domey Malasarn said...

I really like the concept of stuff. It's flexible and deep and always lives up to expectations.

A Cuban In London said...

Well, guess what! I love reading your STUFF. So, keep writing STUFF and about STUFF. :-)

On another note, if Neighbour is so narrow-minded, maybe Husband was acting in a pre-emptive manner, in that case he should be applauded. Your anecdote reminded me of an episode of the Jon Stewart show recently where he had a rigthwing commentator and after a lot of debate about a particular issue, Jon threw his hands up in the air and said: " You know (insert name here), I can't convince you, simple as that, I can't convince you". No matter what Husband would have said to Neighbour maybe the latter would have remained doubtful about the quality of your writing. Which is excellent, by the way.:-)

Greetings from London.

Judith Mercado said...

Thank you,Judy, Domey, and Cuban. With that nod from three persons I think so highly of, I guess this means I will continue writing Stuff. So stay tuned ... more posts are on their way. :-))

Sun Singer said...

Good stuff!


Nevine said...

Judy, it is a pleasure to read your "stuff". Entirely! I, too, am not a frequent blogger, but I share the angst over posting deadlines. I'm already behind this week, and though I have several writings I could post, they don't feel just "right" at the moment, and so, they wait... and I wait.

We always know the right moment to publish the right "stuff". And that's just how it goes!


Judith Mercado said...

Malcolm and Nevine, it's great to have you as readers of my Stuff. Thanks for stopping by.

Brent Robison said...

I can't manage to get any stuff on my blog more often than twice a month, so you're doing great!

A pity that we so often must do as your husband wisely did, and refuse to cast pearls before swine. (did I say that?)