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it is where to start

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dona Nobis Pacem

On this day in which bloggers world-wide blog for peace, I ask…

Who can rest easy
accepting war's lasting costs?
The lives it destroys?

What does peace mean for
the prisoner in her cell?
The war refugee?

 When can peace lighten
a work-weary parent's toil
to feed his loved ones?

Where can the ruler
meet the outstretched hands yearning
for true equity?

How do we create
a language common to the
criminal and saint?

Why do we allow
artificial barriers
to mar connection?

May peace be with us
across national borders
and private strivings.

The international Blog4Peace movement was inspired by Mimi who requested that we title our posts Donna Nobis Pacem, Latin for Grant Us Peace.