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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Variations on a Theme Anthology is Available!

The Literary Lab's Variations on a Theme Anthology includes my short story "The Barcelona Chairs." The anthology is now available on Here is an excerpt from The Literary Lab’s full announcement:

Get it while it's hot! Literally hot! Variations on a Theme has gone live on Amazon.

Sorry, but the anthology is not available for Kindle or any other ebook format. We've decided to take the Kindle version down for Notes From Underground as well. Why? Mainly because the Kindle versions never really sold and it's a lot of work to format those manuscripts just for a few sales. So print only! Makes them more special if you ask me!

And trust me, if you're a fan of The Literary Lab, you want this anthology, and probably all three of them. I won't say why yet, but you do!

Go purchase your copies now. It's a beautiful, exciting, and entertaining anthology. I can't wait to get my final copy!

Also, it should be noted that Notes From Underground has been reformatted. We fixed a name spelling and made the text a bit bigger (it was just a bit small before). It's still the same price as it was before. All three anthologies are $8.56 each. We feel this is a pretty reasonable price for a nice print book.

THANK YOU, EVERYONE, FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE LITERARY LAB. None of these anthologies would have been possible without you!

Variations on a Theme is our third anthology. This year, we asked writers to create work inspired by one of two stories: "The Tinderbox," a classic fairy tale, or "The Huntsman," by Anton Chekhov. The result is a wonderful, tight collection of magical stories.

Purchase Variations on a Theme PAPERBACK COPIES through Amazon
$8.56 each.
click here

As for me, I just ordered the anthology and can’t wait to read it. I am sure my story “The Barcelona Chairs” will be in great company.


Anne R. Allen said...

Congrats on the launch. Didn't have time to submit anything this year because I was publishing five novels (thanks much for your review!)

But I'm so surprised to hear the ebooks haven't sold for Notes from Underground. It seems silly to take it down, since it costs nothing to leave it up and Kindle sales will go nothing but up. My ebooks outsell paper by about 90%. In fact my publisher has decided not to do paper of my next two. I wonder if this is a genre thing: Literary readers mostly like paper; genre readers like ebooks? I just don't buy anything in paper any more. That's a very good price for paper, though.

Karen said...

Congratulations Judy!!!!

Judith Mercado said...

Anne, I am so excited about this anthology and do wish it were on Kindle so I could download it immediately! However, it will be just as exciting to open the print copy and start leafing through. I wonder if you are right about literary readers preferring print, except I don't of any who do. Hmm. Thank you so much for stopping by and offering congrats. What a wonderful way to celebrate my day.

Judith Mercado said...

Karen, thanks!

A Cuban In London said...

So am I. I'm sure that the anthology is worth reading. Many congrats on your good news. You deserve it.

Greetings from London.

cleemckenzie said...

Always love read about anthologies! Will check it out.

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Judith, I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of VARIATIONS to arrive here! Can't wait to settle down and read all the stories, your THE BARCELONA CHAIRS included! I didn't have to wait to read NOTES because Kindle delivery is instant. Like Anne, I hardly buy paperbacks anymore.

Judy, South Africa

Judith Mercado said...

Clem, you will enjoy it.

Judith Mercado said...

Judy, it is an absolutely fascinating read. It was eye-opening to see how the same sources inspired such different stories. I couldn't put it down. Yours, especially, was a breathtakihngly beautiful story.