does not describe me fully
it is where to start

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Writer's Journey

Though I first posted the following poem on my health blog, Peace Be with You, I now post it here as well. The poem seems appropriate for also describing my writing journey.

I have had many positive experiences on my writing journey. Those include, along with great personal growth, that I recently published a book of poetry. Numerous short stories have also appeared in literary reviews. My novels, however, remain unpublished.

Of course,the choice to publish is now entirely my own. New self publishing options make it possible to bypass the industry’s traditional gatekeepers who have not known what to do with my fiction. The gatekeepers are now solely the reading audience which will embrace, or not, what one has written. My current hope is to be able to reach that audience effectively and that it will welcome me.

On my writing journey, there will again be highs, as well as disappointments. But, whether I publish again or not, I will never stop writing, which I love to do. Through it all, it will remain a journey of healing and self discovery.

The Healing Journey of a Broken Vessel

Whence does my hope come?
Why does faith in renewal
remain undaunted?

A broken vessel
containing my life stories
lies shattered and strewn.

New life may emerge
from the shards of brokenness.
Will I be patient?

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